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What is Sheep coin?

Sheep coin is designed for the international wholesale marketplace 'Membersheep'. After coin generation, millions the Membersheep orders will be traded with Sheep coins
  • Sheep coin is applied to Membersheep platform
  • Sheep coin uses blockchain technology to improve B2B e-commerce industry, order, payment, delivery and follow-up
  • Sheep coin is borderless payment method that can mitigate foreign exchange risks

For Brands

Global platform for wholesale business
  • Bring your collection to buyers the blockchain
  • Promote your band with our marketing tools
  • Sell faster and easier with 24/7 buyers access
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For Buyers

Global B2B platform for fashion items
  • Visit online B2B brand showrooms to spot the trends
  • Contact brands, browse line sheets and lookbooks
  • Pre-orders and re-orders anytime
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Listed Exchanges



Jeremy Kim

Serial entrepreneur. Studied business in Yonsei university, and worked for IT industry for 8 years. He made 3 startups related to e-commerce field at Silicon Valley / Hong Kong / Shanghai. He has experience of working in Online Sales team for LVMH and Groupon before.

Jack Shi

More than ten years of experience in web project and five years of blockchain project experience. He was a senior project manager at Ping An in China. Representative projects include imported e-commerce blockchain platforms and Bank-Insurance Link blockchain projects.

Fullstack Developer
Lin Long

As a fullstack developer at Membersheep Company, He is in charge of Blockchain architect at distribution / forwarding system. He has worked as a team leader at Gcafe and Cleaning

Ethereum Architect
Edison Zhu

As a Ethereum Architect at Membersheep company, He is in charge of payment blockchain architecture. He has experience in develop Ethereum online wallet & blockchain point earning system by cryptocurrency exchange using Ethereum Web3 API.

International Biz Dev
Martyna Basara

Majored in Business at the University of Rzeszów in Poland. For the past several years she has worked in lead customer service in the technology industry. Her experience includes successfully leading market takeover projects and taking care of Public Relations for various companies. She gained her managerial skills while working at Uber.

Database Engineer
Jincheng Zhou

As software engineer at Membersheep Company, he is in charge of database of the Membersheep B2B platform. He has experience of managing core database at Pingan Insurance and total user management system at Logistics company.


Graduated from the University of Nantes in France and obtained a master's degree in economics and management. More than 10 years of experience, participated in the manufacture of MSC cruise; engaged in business development for several years, promoted the French football association and Vatti marketing contract; join in FIFA 2018 World Cup marketing program.

Business Developer
Jun Jegal

As a business developer at Membersheep, he is in charge of setting strategy. Majored business administrarion in Korea University, he has 6 years of experience in business strategy industry. In FMASSOCIATES, he worked as associate consultant for setting global HR strategy.



Alok Somani is a hands-on early stage investor with over 17 years of engineering, operations and finance experience in North America, and Asia.

He worked for British Petroleum in operations as Finance Director for a business unit generating $1b in after tax cash-flow.


James Elder is a founding member of Sierra Semiconductor. Now PMC-Sierra on Nasdaq.

39 Years of Guiding, Managing Public & Private Companies in Europe & Asia: Colt Industries, Axel Johnson Group, Hewlett Packard, Ogilvy & Mather.

22 Years of Experience Launching New Business Ventures, Establishing Joint Venture, Growing Technology & Listing Companies on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). MBA Boston University.





We are always pleased to hear from talented individuals.

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